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Our Windows 365 Jumpstart engagement helps your business start using Microsoft’s Cloud PC during a pilot form that lets you immediately see the advantages of adoption for your users.

Windows 365 combines the facility and security of the cloud with the flexibility and ease of your PC. It enables a spread of the latest scenarios for our new world of work.

How It Works: Personalized Cloud PC Simple, Powerful, Secure Stream to Any Device Our Solution Architects work with you to work out your use cases and current environment. Then we build a pilot that matches your needs perfectly. Finally, your team will demo and test the subscription-based Cloud PC service to ascertain how it works within your environment.

Power & Security of the Cloud Versatility & Simplicity of your PC:-

Windows 365 Cloud PC Jump Start Includes: • Review of current Windows 10 licenses and options available • Review Cloud PC level options • Review & setup on-premises network connections for Cloud PC to permit the Cloud PCs to: − Be provisioned − Be joined to your local Azure Directory − Provide access to local resources • Setup initial provisioning policy for brand spanking new Cloud PCs • Create Microsoft 365 groups for provisioning • Review Cloud PC access options: browser, remote client, etc. • Provide a summary of Microsoft Endpoint Management (MEM) of Cloud PCs

Final Deliverables: • A full Windows 365 Cloud PC operational pilot • Ability to demo and test in your environment with your team

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 - A no-limits online desktop:

Security for remote workers has become a primary concern for CIOs and IT departments in general. The ability to support a remote and mobile workforce has become essential to guarantee business continuity, but this requires a protected, secure and dependable work environment.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 by Microsoft is the solution based on Microsoft Azure that hosts the user’s desktops so that any user can access her desktop from anywhere and from any device.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 is useful for businesses that have a mobile or remote workforce that needs to access internal IT resources to be efficient and on time.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 will help make a company always productive and supply to users a working desktop automatically with no IT involvement.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365:

  1. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 is an Azure-based VDI solution that permits remote access to all or any internal LOB applications, to any file or resource, and in general to anything that's usually available to internal workers. This with no direct exposure of internal resources and with no direct access to the network by remote clients. Control of the interior network is maintained and control of the external devices isn’t required as they pose no danger. Active Directory-integrated authentication and multi-factor authentication permit a high level of user-friendly security.

  2. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 guarantees access security for network administrators, from wherever they'll access. Administrative credentials are never used from personal devices, but only from dedicated virtual machines, and only after the administrator identity has been verified via MFA. This way, not even a «keylogger» (a malware that reads and copies the user keystrokes) would be ready to bypass the protections.

3)Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 365 simplifies the network administration and eases central upgrading and patching of user and administrator desktops.

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