Power BI Migration: 1-Week Assessment


This Power BI migration assessment uses BlueGranite's Catalyst - a collection of techniques, approaches, and tools designed to deliver value rapidly, compiled over hundreds of Power BI engagements.

This Assessment focuses on migration to Microsoft Power BI from traditional corporate BI or Self-Service BI platforms, such as Cognos, OBIEE, QlikView, or Tableau. The engagement entails a strategic overview, discovery, and migration planning. With expert guidance from a senior BlueGranite consultant, this Assessment helps organizations understand how Power BI is capable of satisfying both enterprise reporting and BI as well as powerful, agile self-service analytics augmented with modern AI and ML capabilities. The resulting migration plan will set your organization on a path to leverage Power BI as a centerpiece of digital transformation!

Activities and topics:

Power BI Overview Expert-led presentation on the value of Power BI for both Enterprise and Self Service BI and Analytics, with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid data sources.

  • What value would Power BI bring to our organization?
  • How can Power BI replace/satisfy existing corporate reporting requirements?
  • How will it make your organization more agile, capture new opportunities, and integrate with current business processes?

Readiness Assessment Assess current reporting, data, users, and analytical capabilities. Provide a readiness report of findings and actionable recommendations.

  • How can we use Power BI to accelerate the responsiveness of our business?
  • How can your organization prepare stakeholders to get the most value out of Power BI?
  • What are the specific steps we must follow to realize business value through the use of Power BI?

Migration Planning Roadmap for migrating existing solutions and capabilities to Power BI, providing continuity, minimizing disruption, and reducing cost.

  • How can Power BI meet security, data access, and refresh requirements?
  • What features and tools can streamline system administration, monitoring, management, automation?
  • How to best provide users the required support and training essential to success?

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