CMMC Data Enclave Dplymt: 4-Wk Implementation

C3 Integrated Solutions

Deploy Microsoft 365 to meet CMMC Requirements

The C3 Integrated Solutions CMMC Readiness Program is designed to provide U.S. Defense Industrial Base (DIB) clients with a methodical, flexible approach to Cybersecurity Modem Maturity Certification (CMMC) compliance. With several years’ experience directly supporting clients in GCC High, this innovative program is built to support Microsoft 365 GCC High deployments, but can be applied to all versions of Microsoft 365. Our process has two phases, Implementation and Support. With Implementation, we deliver the full E5/G5 suite of Microsoft 365 services and complement it with Azure Sentinel as well as complementary services from leading Microsoft partners such as AvePoint, CallTower, and Conquest Cyber. The stages of Implement include: • DEPLOY: this stage centers around onboarding and migrating data into GCC High.
• SECURE: we lock down the environment with an emphasis on access control and device management. This leverages Azure Active Directory and Microsoft EndPoint Manager.
• DEFEND: this phase shifts from defensive to active pursuit of threats, unleashing the full power of the G5 SKU with Defender for Office 365, Cloud App Security and Defender for EndPoint. The program then expands beyond Microsoft 365 to leverage Azure Sentinel providing an entry point for Azure Government services. • GOVERN: Our process turns inward to control the flow of CUI across both internal and external system boundaries, driving usage of Data Loss Prevention and Microsoft Information Protection. Our Support phase transitions into an ongoing support model with several options designed to meet clients’ unique needs. Once deployed, clients can take advantage of the following additional services: • MONITOR: we bring all the data to life with a world-class Security Operations Center and industry-leading dashboards.
• MANAGE: we provide the right level of support for our client’s unique needs ranging from simple retainer, or full-service outsourced IT services.

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