Operational Transformation: 10-Wk Assessment

Calsoft Systems

Get a higher return on your IT investment: See your current and future operations in visual format, a list of your actual system requirements, and a clear roadmap to achieve the solution you need.

You want to invest in better technology to grow your business. So you choose a solution, get a proposal, roll out the solution, and pay the estimated amount, right?Wrong. Most clients end up paying several times the initial quote.

The reality is, at the time of proposal, the vendor doesn't have a good enough understanding of your business yet. The details of your vision, operations, and needs change the system scope. Companies who don’t first examine their operations with their vendor are often misled about cost and don’t get the results they want from new technology.

Don’t find yourself in the middle of a project with no choice but to pay for a system that is skyrocketing in price, or worse, isn’t capable of delivering what you need.


Our Operational Transformation Advisory gathers key info before you invest in new technology or an ERP:

  • Identify evident and hidden issues in your existing operations and how to resolve them
  • Get better estimates on:1) solution cost based on your actual requirements and 2) your ROI
  • Make informed decisions on prioritizing your IT investments


  • “As-Is” Flow:Get a true understanding of your business with a visualization of your current operational flow (“As-Is” flow). Be amazed by a visualization of your target operational flow (“To-Be”), based on our As-Is analysis and the latest technology.
  • System Architecture:See how your operations is executed by your current system in visual format, along with your future operations by a new system.
  • System Requirement List: Get a fair estimate based on a list we provide of all the system requirements to achieve your To-Be flow.
  • Final Report:Our findings, recommendations, IT Roadmap, & ROI, explained in a 2-hr meeting.

Assessment price based on org size, ops complexity & target system size.

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