Managed Microsoft 365 Backup 1-Day Implementation

CBTS Technology Solutions LLC

CBTS offers a backup solution for Microsoft 365 based on a review of your current Microsoft 365 environment to determine the scope, KPIs, and requirements of the client's backup needs.

CBTS provides certified experts who work with clients to establish goals, assess their current environments, and determine the scope of the migration and configuration of Microsoft 365. Following the consultation, our implementation teams take over to complete the transition and conduct post-move evaluations to ensure the system is performing optimally before rolling it out to the entire organization.

Cloud-based managed Microsoft 365 service requires a secure off-site secondary backup strategy. Cloud backup follows a similar implementation path as the main service.

Assessment Phase: Document and evaluate the current environment to determine outcome-based goals and retention periods

Build Phase: Design, configure, and set up a customized backup solution that can point to a CBTS facility, another Azure instance, or on client premises

Protection Phase: Ensure data is encrypted from Microsoft 365, while in transit, as well as at rest in the secondary site

Testing Phase: Backup processes are monitored 24/7. Data restoration should be completed to test the recoverability and ensure documented success.

In most cases, data will be backed up and protected at a CBTS or Azure destination. By housing backups off-site, the enterprise maintains a reliable history of data stored over long periods, quickly searched and retrieved when necessary. For most use cases, this requires 24/7/365 access from virtually any device.

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