Purview Compliance Manager Adoption Workshop


The CDI professional services team intends to show you how to increase your Organizational Governance using a built-in service that you may not be fully aware of.

  1. Start Engagement - Project Kickoff: Why Microsoft Purview?

  2. Review Compliance Manager

    1. Understand Compliance Score
    2. Overview of Key Elements
    3. Dashboard Review
    4. Improvement Action Review
  3. Review CAMP

    1. Send CAMP (Configuration Analyzer for Microsoft Purview) Script
    2. Receive CAMP Export
    3. Review Camp Report with Customer
  4. Project Closure

    1. Review overall findings
    2. Roadmap Improvements
    3. Review Engagement

    Is your organization properly governing your Microsoft Ecosystem? Do you have Compliance or Governance requirements to meet? If so, this workshop is perfect for your team. In this engagement, CDI's senior technical consultants will leverage their years of field experience to work with your team to show your organization the features of Microsoft Purview. Are there features of the Compliance SKU or your Enterprise licensing you have not implemented but would like to ensure you are getting the full value of your investment of Microsoft 365? In this workshop our consultants will review Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager, Governance, Built-in templates and the Configuration Analyzer for Microsoft Purview.

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