Virtual Desktop - Health and Configuration 1 Week Assessment


CDI provides a review of a customer's Virtual Desktop environment and identify opportunities to improve the performance, stability, security and manageability.

This assessment is designed for CDI to review the architecture, health, performance and stability of your Azure, hybrid or on-prem virtual desktop infrastructure. CDI will then provide specific recommendations to improve the overall environment to allow it to better meet the needs of your business.

CDI’s Virtual Apps & Desktops Health Assessment provides long-term roadmap and actionable remediation guidance to improve and optimize your organization’s end-user compute virtual infrastructure.

Activities Include:

  • Review of the customer's vApp & vDesktop infrastructure (Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Citrix DaaS or VMware Horizon)
  • Document existing vApp & vDesktop architecture and configuration
  • Discuss the customer's current business objectives, use cases and pain points with the vApp & vDesktop environment
  • Analyze performance, capacity and utilization with metric collection via Liquidware Stratusphere FIT
  • Detailed gap analysis of existing deployment compared against best practices
  • Review of key vApp & vDesktop features/functionality not currently in use
  • Delivery of a comprehensive report detailing assessment findings, gap analysis and recommendations
  • Collaborate with customer on roadmap to implement recommendations

The activities for the Virtutal Desktop Health Assessment engagement are delivered over a one-week period. Following the assessment is the delivery of the findings report with an interactive review session.

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