Sustainability Solution - Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Embrace actionable insights to seamlessly Track & Mitigate organizational carbon footprint along with Social & Governance performance tracking.

Leverage the power of Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Celebal’s specialized expertise to effectively track and mitigate your organization's environmental footprint. Our integrated solution provides a unified data platform that translates into actionable insights for proactive environmental management along with Social & Governance performance tracking.

Elevate your sustainability strategy with Celebal's custom AI model for optimization, covering energy management, waste sorting, recycling, water resource management, renewable energy integration, and supply chain sustainability. Take proactive steps towards environmental responsibility with Celebal and Microsoft Sustainability Manager.

Core Capabilities

• Comprehensive ESG Data Coverage: Gain a holistic view of your organization's ESG performance with our comprehensive data coverage and take informed decisions. • Real-time Data Integration: Receive live updates and insights, allowing you to respond promptly to emerging environmental trends and challenges. • Data Quality Assurance: Our solution ensures high-quality data, providing you with reliable information for effective decision-making and transparent reporting. • Efficient Data Retrieval: The integrated platform offers efficient data retrieval, saving you time and resources while enhancing the overall user experience. • Social and Governance Performance Tracking: Go beyond environmental impact—track and enhance your organization’s social and governance performance. Cultivate positive stakeholder relationships and boost your organization’s reputation. • Regulatory Compliance: Our solution helps you navigate complex regulatory landscapes, minimizing risks and demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

Key Benefits

~3X Enhanced Data-Driven Decision-Making ~60% Improved Resource Allocation ~2X Better Stakeholder Engagement ~40% Seamless Setting & Monitoring of Sustainability Goals

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