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Bring world-class threat intelligence to your organization with Click2Cloud’s Security Copilot Readiness Assessment.

Microsoft Security Copilot is an all-in-one virtual assistant that leverages the power of AI to augment your workflow. Copilot extends its capabilities across a broad spectrum of cybersecurity fields, from reporting to compliance monitoring.

To use it effectively, you need a strategy and an appropriate roadmap. Click2Cloud can help you with a Security Copilot Readiness Assessment.

This four-week engagement is tailored to ensure your organization is thoroughly prepared for the seamless integration of Security Copilot into the current system.

As a part of our assessment, we meticulously manage your data's security, optimizing Copilot usage while mitigating the risk of unintended exposure of company data to unauthorized individuals.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current state, encompassing policies and configurations. Based on this assessment, we deliver AI-driven recommendations for the seamless integration of Security Copilot.

Key Deliverables:

• Discovery and Current State Assessment

• Licensing Analysis

• Current SKUs

• Persona Evaluation

• Security Analysis

• Usage Requirements

• Copilot Readiness

• Technical Requirement

What Will You Get?

 Financial Benefits

 Security Score

 Business Benefits

 Technical Advantages

 Value Realization

 AI Business Case Recommendations

Ready to empower your security team? Get started today with Click2Cloud and embrace the AI-powered future of security.

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