PoC Move into Viva Engage

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Let's help you prepare a business case for Viva Engage implementation project

Microsoft Viva Engage is an employee experience that connects people across the company. It provides an experience where people can crowdsource answers and ideas, share their work and experience, and find belonging at work.

Some organizations are using “only” Microsoft Teams (Teams) for their internal communication purposes, other organizations might use a combination of Teams and other solutions for internal communication, sharing information, publish news and more.

Deciding to move or move parts of the internal communications into Viva Engage communities is a great idea. However, careful planning and looking at the full communication lifecycle, is important before taking the shift. The communities or forums, are part of an internal communications ecosystem. Changes to a part of the ecosystem affects the rest of the ecosystem. This Proof of Concept will help give the full picture of what is needed to do, plan and reorganize the internal communication ecosystem.


Week 1 Knowledge transfer and organization

  • Set up the PoC Team with relevant stakeholders
  • Mapping pain points/challenges and prioritize scenarios
  • Identify Business Case
  • Project and communication plan and prioritize activities

Weeks 2-5 Hands-on Proof of Concept Move to Viva Engage Ready

  • Align on the “Why” – to make the overall story as basis for the adoption process
  • Identify ownership, roles and responsibilities in a RACI matrix
  • Setup process for ADKAR Model
  • Set up Communication Plan
  • Coaching sessions to select roles and plan for role-based competency journeys in the organization
  • Build Business Case with Microsoft 365 and Viva Insights reports, surveys and strategies, as well as reports from current communication/information sharing solutions

Weeks 6-8

  • Present Business case to stakeholders
  • Summarize Lessons learned from PoC
  • Potential scaled deployment blockers and challenges
  • Finish Business Case based on findings

AFTER THE PROOF OF CONCEPT Be ready to run a project for moving into Microsoft Viva Engage in your organization, either on your own, with current partners and/or with support from CloudWay

Pricing is estimated for 25 hours a week over a period of 8 weeks. Depending on organization readiness this can be less or more. Please feel free to contact us for initial talk and estimations for your proof of concept.

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