Protect and Govern your Data in Microsoft 365 1 day workshop

CloudWay AS

With data growing exponentially over time, it’s more important than ever for organisations to implement the right tools and processes to ensure data protection and governance


  • All roles relevant to compliance e.g., business decision-makers, Data Privacy Officers, Chief Information Security Officer, Legal & Compliance, Human Resources.


  • This “Art of the Possible” workshop will demonstrate how to discover, classify, protect and govern your organisation’s vital business data in Microsoft 365 You will discover:
  • Why data protection and governance are top of mind
  • The importance of the right label taxonomy and protection policies to balance the need of security and productivity
  • How to start your data protection and governance journey


  • How to get started with a holistic data protection strategy
  • What data do I have?
  • Where does the data reside?
  • How do I protect the data?
  • What data is at risk?
  • How can I protect data with people working from home?
  • How can I protect data when people collaborate with external users?
  • How can I retain or delete data?


  • Understand how your organisation is approaching data protection and governance and what challenges you face
  • How Microsoft Purview can help you to:
    • Know your data: Understand what data you have and where it resides
    • Prevent data loss: Protects data regardless of the work location, including collaborating with external users
    • Govern your data: Applies retention and deletion to data
  • Microsoft licensing considerations
  • Identifying your top scenarios for deployment
  • How to get started your Microsoft Purview information protection and governance journey

OUTCOMES Recommendations and best practices on how to develop a phased deployment plan that focuses on user productivity and security needs.

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