Find My Plane - 4 wk Implementation


Microsoft Power Platform based solution to enable pilots and employees to find parking spaces at the airports and also ensure an ease in finding the locations of their planes

Find My Plane is a Microsoft Power Platform based solution to boost ground staff productivity and turn-around time at airports. It enables pilots and employees to find parking spaces at airports and ensures ease in finding locations of planes. Pilots can search across multiple locations parking information and see map views of parked planes.


  • Visibility to parking locations across airports. Uses a mobile-based tool to enter aircraft parking data. Easily imports plane and parking spot data and easy export of parked plane data.
  • Operations team can add/edit parking spots. Location POCs can assign permissions to parking staff and add Ad-Hoc parking spots using device GPS capabilities. The tool uses role-based permissions for Park, Un-Park and Spot additions

How Cognizant Delivers:

  • Provides Power Platform professional services to airline management entities. Tailors the Find My Plane solution to various company parameters around processes, personas, data (parking spaces/maps, roles) and security requirements
  • Assess customer processes regarding personas, data and roles (permissions and security)
  • Assess customer IT infra landscape related to Azure services (Power Platform), licensing and development setup through discussions with customer

Provisioning & Validation:

  • Rapid Design: Create a scalable, highly-available, configurable solution on Power Platform for various environments based on Cognizant’s pre-defined, proven architectural framework
  • Business Agility: End-to-end automation enablement for provisioning infra scalable for changes to airline process, persona roles, data models & security requirements.

Helps promote productivity gains:

  • Faster turn-around time at airports
  • Enhance employee experience
  • Better collaboration between operations team and pilots

*Pricing dependent on customizations

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