Prepare for Change: 3-mth Workshop

Columbus Global

For any change to be successful, your infrastructure, processes and employees need to be ready for it. Equip your organization with our expert support for an efficient change management project.

The offer

Columbus "Prepare for Change" Offer is based on the unique change management framework which helps to create a solid foundation for a successful business transformation & Dynamics 365 project (Finance / Supply Chain Management / Sales and more)


  • Establish clear business goals aligned to the strategy and management / project teams
  • Prepare for transformation, including a full understanding of the impact on your overall architecture and business operating model
  • Capture opportunities, pains and requirements, and mitigate risks at the early stages
  • Map a robust plan for organizational / people change management
  • Gain flexibility in efforts and scope with a fixed price & duration model aligned with your needs
  • Facts in short

    The assessment can be delivered globally both virtually & onsite, it lasts for 3 months and requires involvement of your management team for interviews & business process owners for workshops. Prepare for Change Offer is elastic in nature and can be applied for all legacy installations / no ERP installation.


    The Assessment consists of 3 stages (details are on the picture below).

    Stage 1: Preparation (includes defining the strategic direction and setting process framework)

    Stage 2: Assessment (assessment of current way of working, operating model, opportunities, pain points; creation of future target architecture & change roadmap)

    Stage 3: Business case and Change agenda (turn opportunities into benefits, calculate the financial value, compile and anchor the Change Agenda).

    After going through all the steps of the analysis, you will get an exhaustive final report which will help you to successfully implement change management project.

    *** The final pricing and timeframe will be based on custom terms.

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