Mixed Reality in Manufacturing: Production Floor Operations

Columbus Global

Learn how to enable new opportunities that Mixed Reality can bring to your manufacturing business

The offer

Columbus Offer “Mixed Reality in Manufacturing: Production Floor Operations” is a one-day workshop that will help your team to learn:

  • How to enable MR-driven training and documentation on the production floor
  • Which Microsoft technologies should be considered for training and work instructions
  • How to tailor HoloLens 2, Dynamics 365 Guides with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management production execution to your business needs
  • Facts in short

    The workshop can be delivered onsite globally (Scandinavia, UK, Europe), it lasts for 1 day and requires the involvement of representatives from IT department, Manufacturing & Production Engineering, Production Director, and Director of Operations. Note that participants don't need to have IT knowledge to be a part of the workshop. On the contrary, understanding of your current processes, operational activities​, and future requirements matter the most.

    Workshop in details

    Stage 1.Understanding your needs: 30 min call prior to the workshop to customize it for your business specifics;

    Stage 2.Introduction to the HoloLens 2, Dynamics 365 Guides and Supply Chain Management: use cases & benefits​;

    Stage 3.Mixed Reality enablement for production floor​: architecture and best practice​, technology, business & process considerations​​;

    Stage 4.Demonstration: possibilities of Dynamics 365 and associated tools to optimize your production floor through the infusion of MR;

    Stage 5.Discussion: current work instructions and means of access/distribution​, future roadmap based on your requirements​, Q&A, and next steps​​.

    Business use cases for the workshop

  • Hands-free work instructions​
  • Accelerated onboarding
  • Xem nhanh