Modern Workplace Transformation Workshop


The CompuNet team consists of exceptionally skilled engineers and adoption experts who can assist your organization in fully leveraging Microsoft 365 for effective collaboration.

Every organization works and operates in very different ways. CompuNet uses Microsoft's own planning framework to form a custom modern workplace, utilizing multiple resources, for your organization. This framework was designed with the idea that to truly build a successful collaboration environment, you need to go beyond just learning the tools.

This workshop is broken down into four (4) key segments to build a structure that not only sets up SharePoint as a foundation but builds a successful adoption framework and drives the push towards a truly modern workplace within the Microsoft environment. Below are the four (4) main areas that will be covered in this workshop:


Day 1: EXPLORE - Discover the Art of the Possible - Inspire to Think Creatively - Explore a Focused SharePoint - Discover Effective Communication Channels - Develop a Plan to Engage Employees

Day 1: ALIGN

  • Establish a Microsoft 365 Governance Plan
  • Understanding and Aligning Business Goals with Microsoft 365 Capabilities
  • Work with Business Users and IT to Prioritize Projects Through Scenarios
  • Define Business Terms and Structure
  • Plan for Migration of Legacy Content


  • Plan Intranet Hubs and Branding
  • Overview of Microsoft 365 Best Practices
  • Engage Stakeholders and Designated Champions
  • Review Site Architecture and Design with Champions


  • Plan Launch Communication for Awareness and Training
  • Ensure Access to Microsoft 365 Training Materials
  • Develop a User Adoption Plan
  • Encourage Ongoing Engagement

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