Solution Assessment for Microsoft 365: 1-day Assessment


CompuNet's Solution Assessment offers a clear roadmap for organizations to streamline their IT infrastructure, bolster security, and achieve cost efficiencies by transitioning to Microsoft 365.

CompuNet’s Technology Solution Assessment incorporates proven strategies for managing an organization’s IT assets in alignment with industry best practices. It empowers the customer with the knowledge and strategy needed to optimize Microsoft 365 licensing in alignment with current business goals through an evaluation of user profiles based on organizational and role-based technology requirements. This comprehensive mapping enables the creation of detailed procedures for actionable next steps and effective project management. In just a few short sessions, CompuNet can provide insights specific to our customer’s infrastructure and requirements through a data-based assessment for their IT landscape, including cybersecurity vulnerabilities and opportunities for cost savings, with actionable, data-backed recommendations.


Session 1: • Understanding your organizational requirements and goals: Current state vs. Future State

Session 2: • Data Management and Migration Review

Session 3: • Current state Solution map: Comparing your current solutions with Microsoft bundles and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Deliverable: • Assessment Review, Recommendations, and Proposal

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