Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment: 2-Wk Assessment

Core BTS

The Core BTS Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment will give you the confidence to move forward with your Microsoft 365 Copilot investments.

Our Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive service that will evaluate your current Microsoft 365 environment and provide you with a customized strategic roadmap for Copilot deployment.

What's included: • Microsoft Licensing Review: A comprehensive review of your existing Microsoft licenses and subscriptions to ensure you meet minimum requirements for Copilot implementation. Core BTS will identify any gaps and provide recommendations on the best options for Copilot activation and usage.

• Baseline Microsoft 365 Adoption and Maturity: We will assess your current Microsoft 365 adoption to provide guidance on how to get the best user experience, insights, and assistance from Copilot.

• Data Estate and Security Posture: We will assess your data quality, security, privacy, and compliance policies and practices and identify potential risks or gaps that affect CoPilot’s performance or functionality.

• AI Maturity: We will assess your organization’s readiness and willingness to adopt AI technologies and solutions and provide guidance on how to foster a culture of innovation and learning with Copilot.

• Organizational Change and Support Readiness: We will evaluate your change management and support capabilities and resources and provide best practices for preparing your users for Copilot adoption and engagement.

*Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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