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Crayon's SharePoint Assessment enhances architecture, performance, security, usability, and migration readiness, delivering expert insights for optimization.

Utilizing more than two decades of experience and backed by a team exceeding 2000 professionals, Crayon extends its influence across 80% of the worldwide market. Having cultivated strong bonds with an excess of 60,000 clients, we proudly introduce our SharePoint Assessment, led by a cadre of SharePoint specialists. This marks the initial stride towards enhancing your SharePoint environment.

Business Challenges

• Inefficient Document Management: If your organization struggles with disorganized files, multiple versions of documents, and difficulty in finding relevant information, SharePoint can offer structured document libraries, version control, and powerful search capabilities. • Lack of Collaboration: When teams find it challenging to work together seamlessly, SharePoint provides tools for real-time co-authoring, commenting, and sharing documents, fostering better collaboration. • Communication Bottlenecks: If communication is hindered by a reliance on emails, SharePoint can facilitate better communication through team sites, announcements, newsfeeds, and integration with Microsoft Teams. • Manual Workflows: Organizations dealing with complex manual processes can benefit from SharePoint's workflow automation capabilities, streamlining approvals, notifications, and other routine tasks. • Data Security and Compliance Concerns: If your business handles sensitive data and needs to adhere to industry regulations, SharePoint offers features for access control, encryption, and compliance management. • Remote Work Challenges: With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, SharePoint can serve as a central platform for remote teams to access documents, collaborate, and stay informed. • Information Silos: When information is scattered across various platforms, SharePoint can serve as a unified platform, breaking down silos and making information accessible to relevant stakeholders. • Scaling Collaboration as the Business Grows: As a business expands, maintaining effective collaboration becomes challenging. SharePoint can scale with the organization, supporting increased user numbers and content volume.


Crayon’s SharePoint Assessment Service is a comprehensive offering designed to help organizations optimize their SharePoint environments. With a focus on analyzing architecture, performance, security, and usability, this service provides actionable recommendations for enhancing your SharePoint deployment. Whether you're migrating to SharePoint Online, improving an existing deployment, or planning for scalability, the SharePoint Assessment Service empowers you to make informed decisions based on expert insights.


• Detailed Analysis: Our experts conduct an in-depth assessment of your SharePoint environment, including infrastructure, configurations, customizations, and user behaviour. • Architecture Review: Evaluate the overall architecture to ensure alignment with best practices, scalability, and long-term growth goals. • Performance Evaluation: Identify performance bottlenecks, page load times, and response rates, and receive recommendations for optimization. • Security Audit: Assess security configurations, permissions, and access controls to ensure compliance and data protection. • Usability and Adoption: Analyze user engagement, collaboration patterns, and content utilization to improve user satisfaction and adoption. • Migration Readiness: If considering migration to SharePoint Online, receive guidance on migration strategy, potential challenges, and migration best practices. • Actionable Recommendations: Benefit from a comprehensive report containing expert recommendations tailored to your organization's needs.


• Optimized Performance: Enhance SharePoint performance and user experience by addressing performance bottlenecks and latency issues. • Scalability: Align your SharePoint architecture with scalability requirements to accommodate future growth. • Security Enhancement: Identify and rectify security gaps, ensuring data protection and compliance with industry standards. • Usability Improvement: Tailor your SharePoint deployment to improve user adoption, collaboration, and content utilization. • Migration Confidence: Gain insights into the readiness and challenges of migrating to SharePoint Online, ensuring a smooth transition. • Expert Insights: Leverage the expertise of our SharePoint consultants to make informed decisions for your SharePoint environment.

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