Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop

Covenant Technology Partners

Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop to help transform your organization: 8-Hours.

Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop

Held in-person or virtually, the Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop is a combination of presentations and demos that will educate and excite your organization on how to transform the employee experience with artificial intelligence integrated into Microsoft 365. The goal of the workshop is to position the the organization to leverage organizational data to add intelligence to the workforce. This workshop can be broken down into multiple 4-hour sessions or multiple day sessions.

Included in the Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop will be:
AI-powered organization Responsible AI
Microsoft 365 Copilot Overview Unleash creativity Unlock productivity Uplevel skills
Better together with Teams Premium and Copilot in Teams Microsoft 365 Copilot personas

Cost: $5,000 Solution Play: Digital Workforce Technical Capability: Adoption and Change Management

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