Power BI Performance - File Audit: 12 hrs

Data Bear

To identify areas for performance improvement, this audit evaluates one Power BI desktop file for best practices in query building, DAX measures (KPIs), data modelling and report design.

Is your Power BI report slow? Our Power BI Performance Audit is a comprehensive evaluation which documents findings around many components of a Power BI Desktop file. Share one Power BI file and expect a meticulous review and tailored recommendations in the form of a detailed report.

Provide us with a Power BI Desktop file and our experienced team will evaluate:

  • Query steps
  • Data model structure and relationships
  • DAX measures
  • Power BI report design


We will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all the listed components withing the Power BI Desktop file.

  • This offering does not include implementation of any recommendations made in the report provided.

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