Copilot for Microsoft 365: 26-Day Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop

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Get ready for Copilot for Microsoft 365 – and learn how your organization can safely and confidently adopt AI technologies while actively protecting and managing sensitive data with Microsoft Purview.

Automating workflows, improving collaboration, and boosting efficiency – AI is a powerful tool that can help your organization reach new levels of productivity. But along with these benefits, it also presents some data security, compliance, and privacy challenges. In our Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop, we will show you how to use Microsoft Purview to securely implement Copilot for Microsoft 365 – enabling your organization to comprehensively govern, protect, and manage your entire data estate.

Why do you need a Copilot for Microsoft 365 workshop?
New technologies, new questions: Does Copilot for Microsoft 365 have access to my organization’s sensitive data? And could that data leave the boundaries of the Microsoft 365 service? In our Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop, we’ll help you answer these questions, assess your AI readiness, and provide you with an implementation framework that ensures you have full visibility and control over your most important asset – your data.

What to expect from our Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop
Over the course of 26 days, we will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Purview and how it improves compliance and security when deploying Copilot for Microsoft 365. Our workshop is aimed at Microsoft E5 license holders and is divided into two steps:

Step 1: CSI Data Security Workshop
In the first step, we review your unique IT landscape and determine your organization’s Microsoft Purview maturity level. The goal is to create a clear understanding of how to deploy Microsoft Purview solutions in the context of Copilot for Microsoft 365. The CSI Data Security Workshop is also part of the Microsoft Customer Cybersecurity Investment (CSI) program, which means that in many cases the costs may be covered by Microsoft. We’ll work with you to verify if this is the case for you.

Step 2: Get Ready All You Can Eat Package
In the second part of the workshop, we will use best practices and specific use cases to look at the most common pain points in implementing Copilot for Microsoft 365 – and how Microsoft Purview can solve these challenges.

The modules in our Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop
The following modules are included in the CSI Data Security Workshop and Get Ready All You Can Eat Package:

  • Azure Information Protection
    Copilot for Microsoft 365 may also have access to sensitive corporate data. We will show you how to automatically identify and classify critical data using sensitivity labels and encryption with trainable classifiers, and how to use EXTRACT permissions to restrict access to highly confidential data.
  • Data Loss Prevention
    Learn how to identify, monitor, and protect data in use, in motion, and at rest to prevent the disclosure of sensitive data.
  • Data Life Cycle Management
    With the changing legal and compliance landscape, it is important to provide organizations with the flexibility to decide for themselves how to manage prompt and response data. We show you how to use retention policies to automatically store and delete Copilot interactions.
  • Insider Risk Management
    We explain how you can prevent compliance violations caused by the use of AI programming assistants or the unintentional mixing of proprietary and open source code.
  • Communication Compliance
    Learn how to mitigate missing auditing and control procedures by analyzing user requests and copilot responses to detect inappropriate or risky interactions.
  • eDiscovery
    We’ll show you how to identify copilot interactions and preserve relevant data to collect them for review in eDiscovery.
  • Content Search
    Learn how to use Content Search to retrieve user requests and Copilot responses through Copilot interactions in the user mailbox.
  • Additional Configuration
    Find out how to disable specific plug-ins to ensure your data does not leave the Microsoft 365 service boundary.
  • Company Agreement
    We’ll work with you to develop a legally compliant template for a works agreement with the works council on the implementation of AI applications in your organization.
  • Customer Key & Lockbox
    You’ll receive a brief introduction on how to encrypt elements with Microsoft Purview Customer Key and how to set up permission-based data access with Customer Lockbox.

How Microsoft Purview and our workshop can benefit your organization
Several recent surveys show that the majority of companies have developed, or are currently developing an AI strategy. Our Get Ready All You Can Eat Workshop lays the foundation for your company to realize the full potential of AI to increase productivity and efficiency – without compromising on compliance, security, and data protection.

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