Microsoft 365 Secure Score Remediation: 4-Wk Implementation


Enhance your security posture and gain better control and visibility into identity, compliance, and threat protection by employing Microsoft 365 Secure Score Remediation with ECF Data’s expert advice.

Microsoft Secure Score helps organisations in measuring and improving their security posture to stay protected against cyber threats. With the right actionable steps, your business can ensure its safety from malicious incidents that could otherwise cause severe damage.

In just four weeks, ECF Data can help your organization reach a securer state with their expertise and guidance. Leveraging the Secure Score dashboard, we will take you through best practices that are necessary to establish maximum security within Microsoft 365 while demonstrating improvements made and educating on Zero Trust methodology. ECF Data’s Secure Score Remediation helps your organization recognize threats and respond to them appropriately.

The key products covered by the Secure Score Remediation are:

-Microsoft 365 (including Exchange Online)

-Azure Active Directory

-Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

-Microsoft Defender for Identity

-Cloud App Security

-Microsoft Teams

The ECF Data approach:

Secure Score

  • To comprehend the current security standard, use Microsoft 365 Secure Score.

  • Monitor your progress as your score rises.

  • Utilize periodic reviews to monitor configuration drift.


  • Considering user effect and implementation costs, Secure Score's security measures are ranked in order of importance.

Develop Roadmap

  • Create a plan for carrying out the security measures that are given the highest priority.

Design and Deployment

-Implementation of the recommended security actions in the roadmap

Microsoft 365 Secure Score Remediation helps organizations to maintain a secure environment by continually assessing their security posture and providing actionable recommendations to improve it. ECF Data can help you in following the best practices and utilizing the remediation tools available in Microsoft 365 and ensure that your ahead of potential threats.

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