Communication Security Quick Start 12-wk Implementation

Edgile, Inc.

Microsoft Defender for Office production pilot, which provides solutions for the detection, investigation, and mitigation of risks associated with messaging and collaboration behavior in Office.

Is your organization heavily invested in Microsoft cloud platforms, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams, for content management and user collaboration? Edgile can help you leverage the control frameworks of the Microsoft Defender for Office tool set to protect your data and workloads.

The Communication Security Quick Start is a predictable and reliable program that allows you to immediately leverage your Microsoft investments. You’ll receive high velocity, measurable outcomes and initial control frameworks for communication and collaboration data inside Microsoft 365—at a fixed price in a fixed time frame. o Discover and define current state requirements and security protocols o Define anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing, safe attachments, and safe links policies tailored to business need and Microsoft recommendations o Get additional layers of protection for C-suite and other high value users by defining priority accounts o Launch attack simulation training payloads o Enable automated investigation and response for email messaging traffic

Deliverables: o Defined and configured email and collaboration protection policies o Attack simulation training payloads and simulations (up to 3) o Defined priority accounts and assigned preset security policies o Implementation of automated investigation and response Features o Microsoft Defender roadmap for future state configuration

Scope included: o Definition and Configuration of Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Malware, Safe Attachments, and Safe Links policies tailored to business need & Microsoft recommendations o An Attack Simulation Training pilot with up to 3 Payloads and corresponding attack simulations, with Microsoft approved training for identified vulnerable users o An increased level of protection for users with access to sensitive, proprietary, or high priority information through Priority Account Tagging o Enablement of Automated Investigation and Response features for email messaging and collaboration behavior, to allow efficient and effective SecOps response to MDO alerts o Quick Start deliverables o Defined and configured email and collaboration protection policies

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