Microsoft Purview Data Security Basic Quick Start 10-week Implementation

Edgile, Inc.

Drive Data Protection Sustainability with Edgile's Data Protection Methodology

Edgile's framework is designed to help enterprises measure the maturity of their unstructured data governance. We provide a plan for risk management and remediation of sensitive data, including the protection of intellectual property. We can help your organization build, enable and sustain an unstructured data protection program and implement the controls that meet the unique requirements of your business. Following are the E5 capabilities that will be implemented as part of this offering:

Office 365 Data Loss Prevention: Identify sensitive information across many locations, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive and Teams. Prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information. Help users learn how to stay compliant without interrupting their workflow

Azure Information Protection: Advanced controls application based on labeling. Apply controls according to regulations and compliance. Retention, notification, deletion of data applied automatically

Microsoft Cloud App Security: Cloud unstructured data discovery through cloud scanning. Data classification through use of recognized regular expressions. Policy application against classified data through use of labels

Advanced Data Governance: Apply retention labels to content automatically. Unified Policy Management. Implement records management across Office 365

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