Cyber Security Health Check: 4-Hr Assessment

Enabling Technologies Corporation

Cyber Security changes dramatically year over year. Ensure that your organization is meeting the latest Cyber Security requirements.

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC.'s, self-paced, peer-reviewed assessment of your current security-related environment will ensure that your organization is meeting the lastest Cyber Security requirements and that you are utilizing your Microsoft 365 investment to it's fullest.  Based on Center for Internet Security (CIS) contol groups, this program is designed to help document and provide proof that your security posture is in alignment with today's cyber security requirements.  

Our goal is for your team to have confidence in the knowledge of your current security posture and that you are utilizing all of the security benefits of your Microsoft 365 investment.  During this 4 hour assessment we will:

 - Identify your current cyber security baseline

 - Add and consolidate document references to provide context

 - Explore recommendations and next steps specific to the Microsoft 365 Security tools

 - Provide industry standard scoring on risk and compliance

 - Provide a detailed report of high-risk areas and compliance gaps

eGroup Enabling Technologies LLC's low cost wellness check will provide you with the full picture of your current security posture and provide expert recommendations on utilizing your Microsoft 365 Security investment to the fullest.

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