Incident Response Tabletop Exercises: 2-Wk Briefing

eGroup Enabling Technologies

Be proactive and prepare your IT team for emergencies with a Disaster Plan

Every IT Organization should have an Incident Response Plan (IRP).  It is intended as a guide for IT staff to use in the event that the organization suffers any disaster described in the plan.  The exercise also can reveal the extent to which the IT team understands how they should respond to different kinds of threats and incidents.

Why conduct an Incident Response Plan Tabletop Review Exercise?

 - Test whether your Incident Response Plan sufficiently addresses likely threats

 - Understand how Microsoft 365 Security workloads such as Microsoft Defender can help to mitigate threats

 - Learn best practices for addressing the threats that your organization faces

 - Prepare your team's understanding of and familiarity with the Incident Response Plan so they are ready to respond to, manage, and recover from disasters

During the Incident Response Plan we will:

Week 1 - Conduct a thorough review of any existing Incident Response Plans, discuss and review both known and unknown threats

Week 2 - Prepare participant guide that targets the organization's disaster profile, conduct a practice tabletop exercise, provide actionable reports and remediation recommendations

eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC's Incident Response Plan specific to the Microsoft 365 Security workloads will produce an actionable report and remediation gaps, recommendations, and priorities to plan for emergencies.

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