Licensing Optimization: 2-Wk Workshop

eGroup Enabling Technologies

Gain confidence in your level of control with your Microsoft 365 licensing.

Organizations across every industry consistently have confusion around their level of control and various toosets within their Microsoft 365 licensing.  eGroup Enabling Technologies, LLC has a customized Licensing Optimization Workshop that will allow you to maximize the value of your Microsoft 365 licensing all while potentially saving costs on 3rd party tools. 

eGroup Enabling Technologies Strategic Advisory team will spend 6-8 hours with an organization researching existing license costs, contracts, and tools.  Over the course of 2-3 weeks eGroup Enabling Technologies' Licensing Optimization Workship will:

Week 1: Discovery Session - We will understand your organization, including discovery your current and potential uses to maximize your return on investement.  We will also Plan and Design - Our team will develop a plan to properly optimize your team's usage and knowledge with your licensing.

Week 2: Next Steps: With a plan in place we will coordinate a meeting between departments across your organization to highlight where tools can be leveraged, how costs can be cut, and more.

With eGroup Enabling Technologies Licensing Optimization Workshop organizations will gain the knowledge of how other businesses such as theirs are operationalizing their Microsoft 365 tools.

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