Xcelerate: Distribution Enhanced add-on


Advanced distribution operations with features like warehouse organization, precise inventory tracking, and comprehensive sales and purchase order management, designed for seamless integration.

The Distribution Enhanced package is the pinnacle offering from Xcelerate for small to medium-sized businesses requiring advanced distribution management capabilities. This comprehensive solution includes all the benefits of the Distribution Essentials package and introduces a higher level of functionality with features like advanced warehouse management, detailed item tracking, and full integration with core financials.

Perfect for businesses that have complex distribution needs and require sophisticated tools for inventory, warehouse, sales, and purchasing operations. It’s designed for growing businesses that need to optimize their supply chain and distribution networks for peak efficiency and strategic insight.


Sophisticated Inventory Management: Utilize advanced item tracking capabilities, including serial and lot number tracking, to maintain impeccable inventory records.

Comprehensive Sales Tools: Leverage enhanced sales order processing, including prepayments, blanket orders, and detailed pricing and discounting strategies, to maximize revenue. • Dynamic Purchasing Operations: Benefit from a comprehensive set of tools, including purchase prepayments and requisition worksheets, to streamline purchasing processes.

Streamlined Warehouse Efficiency: Advanced warehouse management, including detailed bin and item tracking, ensures that every item is accounted for and efficiently managed.

Smart Assembly and Kitting: Efficiently plan and execute assembly operations with detailed bills of materials and kitting strategies that save time and reduce costs.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the core Xcelerate Business Central Finance packages, the Distribution Enhanced package is the ultimate add-on for businesses seeking the most complete solution for their expanding distribution needs. With the foundational finance package already in place, this add-on scales up your ERP system to provide an all-encompassing, powerful solution to propel your business forward.

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