Xcelerate: SPI add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central


Enhance basic sales, purchasing, and inventory management with this streamlined add-on. Integrates smoothly with Xcelerate: Business Central Finance for efficient operations.

The SPI (Sales/Purchase/Inventory) add-on is tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to streamline their foundational sales, purchasing, and inventory management processes. This package enhances operational efficiency by automating core operations, improving accuracy, and minimizing manual workload. It is designed to complement and requires one of the core Xcelerate™ Business Central Finance packages — Essentials or Enhanced.

Ideal for businesses seeking essential integration of sales orders, purchase orders, and inventory management in a simplified and effective manner. This add-on is perfect for entities just beginning to implement ERP solutions or those looking to enhance their existing setup with core financial functionalities.


Seamless Sales and Purchase Processing: Easily create and manage sales and purchase orders, empowering your business to handle transactions with improved speed and precision.

Inventory Management Simplified: With functionality to register and categorize new items, the SPI Add-on takes the complexity out of inventory control, making it accessible and manageable.

Accurate Inventory Adjustments: Quickly adjust and reevaluate inventory to ensure data integrity and accurate financial reporting.

Sales Insights: Leverage sales data to gain insights into customer preferences and enhance sales strategies with intuitive order management tools.

Optimized Purchasing Decisions: Effectively manage purchase returns and make informed purchasing decisions with streamlined order processing.

Strategic Inventory Oversight: Keep your inventory organized and easily accessible with categorization, aiding in efficient stock management and replenishment.

Designed to integrate with the core Xcelerate™ Business Central Finance packages, ensuring a robust financial foundation for your sales, purchasing, and inventory needs.

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