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Employee Experience Microsoft 365 Research: 7/11 Wk Assessment

Investing in employee experience has become critical to organisations globally, however in order to ensure we are investing in the right places we need to understand the employee experience of our people by diving into how they use Microsoft 365. With knowledge, comes power, and this means you employees can further develop how they use Microsoft 365 to be more efficient and productive.

We’ve created the “Employee Experience Research” offer to help organisations understand their employees working habits, as well as their current challenges and opportunities for improvement using Microsoft 365. 

Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, we will:

Understand your users

    To begin this engagement, we’ll conduct a survey using Microsoft Forms to capture feedback, interview your users, and facilitate focus groups or listening labs. We’ll ensure we fully understand your employees working habits, how they like to work using Microsoft 365, what their pain points are, and what their requirements are.

Prepare personas & journey maps

    Our team will prepare personas and journey maps to articulate and highlight user requirements, expectations, pain points and opportunities on how employees can get the most out of the Microsoft ecosystem. These artefacts are crucial organisations seeking to take a user first approach to their digital workplace and understanding employees.

Develop a finding & recommendations report

    We will develop and present your insights, findings and recommendations report, including a high-level implementation roadmap of Microsoft 365. The report will call out key themes or top challenges, as well as opportunities for improvement, aligned to personas and our employee journeys.

Depending on your needs, we can complete this engagement over a period of 11 weeks. We’ll work with you to develop a more detailed timeline, including mapping key stakeholders who we will need to engage as part of our project.

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