Microsoft Purview eDiscovery POC (5 Day)

Epiq Global

5-Day eDiscovery POC demonstrating standard & premium capabilities of Microsoft Purview components

Epiq delivers a 5 day eDiscovery POC to drive proof-of-value, gap execution, and demonstrate standard & premium capabilities of Microsoft Purview components. This Proof of Concept focuses on Microsoft eDiscovery processes and workflows which enable advanced compliance adoption. Key topics include case creation, discovery, data classification, legal holds and legal hold notification, data review and export.

Subject to eligibility requirements.

DAY 1 Demonstration of Standard and Premium eDiscovery features and capabilities to include the following: (2-hour session)

  1. Introduction & Roles
  2. Standard eDiscovery Introduction
  3. Premium eDiscovery Introduction

DAY 2 PART I - Discussion • Microsoft eDiscovery Overview • Office 365 Security & Compliance Access • Permissions and Roles • Review of Standard vs Premium eDiscovery Feature Benefits

PART II – Standard eDiscovery Epiq will design some specific Lab Work for the team to provide hands on utilization of the tool. These will be in virtual working sessions over Teams and will require each member to have access to the system. Details can be worked out with our trainer on how to get that set up. LAB 1 • Case Creation/Permissions • Legal Hold LAB 2 • Search • Exports

DAY 3-4: PART III – eDiscovery Premium • Case Creation • Settings • Custodians • Communications – Hold Notices

LAB 3 • Search • Review Set • Analytics LAB 4 • Queries & Tags • Review work process/options LAB 5 • Final Review Set • Export process

Day 5 Utilization of the software and go forward workflow process • Review lab work and answer questions/concerns • Review desired workflow from previous working session • Compare with capabilities of solution to determine best practice • Formalize go forward workflow • Identify any additional training requirements for future

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