Ergo Microsoft 365 Copilot Empower: 2-Wk Workshop


Empower employees with a digital assistant and unlock the future of productivity.

As one of the select few members in the Microsoft 365 Copilot Jumpstart Program in Ireland, Ergo is uniquely positioned to advise on six tried-and-tested steps, delivered sequentially or as standalone work, and Microsoft 365 Copilot will be optimised to deliver the most value to your business.

During the 2 weeks workshop we will help you to:

By evaluating costs versus benefits, identifying target use cases and success criteria, we find the business sweet spots where Copilot will provide the fastest and most measurable return on the license fee.

We evaluate your existing Microsoft 365 environment and fix issues that may impact the effectiveness of Copilot, from ensuring data resides in the right place to restricting access to sensitive information that might be used to generate content.

A number of technical steps must be undertaken to make your environment Copilot ready and avoid issues during adoption, from ensuring you’re running the latest versions of Microsoft software to security configurations that may block access.

A new tool is only effective if it’s adopted, which is why training is integral to Ergo Microsoft 365 Copilot Empower. We show users how to augment their work with AI and guide them on the techniques to get the most out of their digital assistant.

We prioritise users and business areas where Copilot will work best, that means delivering measurable outcomes in terms of productivity and more subjective benefits, such as the way it augments an employee’s existing skills.

For many companies Copilot will be a first taste of generative AI, but it doesn’t have to stop with Microsoft 365. Our award winning and multi-disciplinary Microsoft practice teams will advise on extending its reach across the technology stack.

For more details, refer to the additional information section.

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