Eviden's Business Applications Envisioning 4 Hours Workshop

Eviden International France - SAS

Jumpstart discussions with customers who face business, sales, and technical challenges with their business process.

Workshop features:

  • Eviden offers a Business Applications Envisioning Workshop tailored to identify and prioritize customers' specific business scenarios.
  • Enable customers to envision effectively the appropriate products/services that can resolve their challenges and business problems.
  • The workshop outcomes include a deeper understanding of Dynamics 365 and Power Platform and insights into Eviden's capabilities as a Microsoft business solution partner

Benefits: By participating in our workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of key aspects of a business case, aligning your understanding of the technical feasibility of delivering an innovative solution.

Differentiation & Competitiveness: Our core expertise lies in Eviden's technical and industry knowledge, along with our established proficiency in Business Application transformation journeys.

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