AgriERP Solution: 1-Hr Briefing

Folio3 Software Inc.,

A complete tour of the AgriERP solution for AgriBusinesses powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.

Folio3 is a Microsoft Gold Partner that will provide you with a free 1-hour briefing on AgriERP, an end-to-end Farm, and Agri Business Management solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain.

At Folio3, we aim to transform agriculture and agribusiness through the power of technology. With a team of highly skilled Microsoft certified professionals, we have done hundreds of successful ERP implementations throughout the world.

From crop planning and harvest to packaging and logistics, the AgriERP solution provides a 360-degree visualization and automation of all the business functions.

AgriERP solution is fit for businesses of all sizes be it small and medium-sized companies to large enterprises. The solution is applicable for Agriculture Consulting Firms, Fresh Produce Farms and Plantations, Organic Farming and Supply Chain Firms, Agri Business Companies, Contact Farming, Foundations and NGOs, Processing Pack-Houses and Exporters, Nurseries and Hydroponics, Agri Government institutions, Agri Science Industries, Farmer-Producer Organizations, Cattle and Livestock Farms and more.


This overview demonstration explains how AgriERP is a complete solution capable of managing an entire AgriBusiness. The features we’ll walk you through include:

  1. Demonstrating key attributes, functions, and capabilities of AgriERP
  2. Mobility Solutions that are a part of AgriERP
  3. Showcase different integration options and Apps that are a part of AgriERP Solution. The salient features that will be explored during the discovery are: Farm and field structure mapping. Farm planning process Farm Operations and execution process Farm tracking and control process Farm Supply Chain Farm Packhouse Farm Logistics Farm operational reporting Farm tracking reports Farm Financial Reporting

For more information visit: ERP for Agri Business



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