PowerBI & QuickBooks Desktop: 2-wk Implementation

GadellNet Consulting Services LLC

Rapid deployment of a Power BI solution for QuickBooks Desktop. This includes the data model, visualization and Excel connectivity.

This solution provides an out-of-the-box data warehouse and Power BI reports including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Job analytics and more. Requires 3rd party license. Please inquire with GadellNet for more information.


Planning (Week 1)
  • Discovery of Accounting practices
  • QuickBooks environment review
  • Requirements documentation
  • Configure QuickBooks access
  • Install Data Gateway
  • Acquire assets for report development
Implementation (Week 2)
  • Produce .pbix files
  • Publish to Power BI service
  • Configure scheduled data refresh
  • Configure Excel connection
  • 2-hour structured training
  • Documentation


  • Standard Profit and Loss, as well as Budget vs Actual by category for current, YTD and YOY comparisons.
  • Standard Balance Sheet with additional metrics including Working Capital, Current Ratio and more.
  • Trial Balance report including current vs last period trends, as well as a detail level tabular visual containing Beginning and Ending Balance.
  • Accounts Receivable by Customer and Job, category and standard aging buckets (Current, 30, 60, 90).
  • Data warehouse provides raw detail for custom analytics based on customer requirements.
  • Most statements can be produced by Class.

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