Microsoft 365 Assessment and Roadmap: 8 Week Assessment Engagement

Gravity Union

The focus areas of Gravity Union's technical assessment process are: an in-depth review of your organization’s readiness for Microsoft 365 and detailed implementation planning with a roadmap.

Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, Purview and the related apps promise easy-to-use technology, improved efficiency and more automation. But how do you get from A to Z?

From impactful decisions like how to classify content automatically to smaller decisions like how many SharePoint content types to use — these choices make all the difference when planning a migration to Microsoft 365. We help you make informed decisions based detailed assessment of your current information landscape, as well as visioning and roadmap activities.

The outcome is a fully-articulated, vetted and well thought-out Microsoft 365 assessment and roadmap package including:

  • Detailed roadmap: How the Microsoft 365 solutions fit in your budget and timeline and what pieces of the project that can be phased in as quick wins.

  • Governance and implementation plans: Governance plans include High-Level Solution Architecture, Search and Security Strategy, Migration Strategy, Communications and Training Plans. These form the foundation of the solution and unlock the rest of implementation.

  • Department readiness assessments and rollout plan: Based on readiness assessments of all groups within your organization, we rate the groups and create a strategic roll-out sequence starting with pilot groups, through to an enterprise-wide rollout.

  • Compliance platform-fit analysis (optional add-on): If your organization is deciding on a platform for records management and information protection, we work with you in our framework to assess Microsoft Purview and other tools that you may already have access to.

From this process, our clients see outcomes such as:

  • Increased success and adoption of Microsoft 365
  • Confidence in selecting the optimal apps, settings and integrations for your project
  • A strong Microsoft 365 foundation to grow from
  • Fewer oversights in the future by detailing a roadmap and plan up-front
  • Decreased risks, uncertainty and less re-work during implementation

Depending on your needs and availability of your team, this engagement is typically between 8 - 10 weeks.

Time after time, this process is the foundation of a successful Microsoft 365 platform that is ready for growth.

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