Meeting Room Modernization and Consolidation with Microsoft Teams : 1-day Workshop

HCL Technologies Limited.

Modernize and Consolidate your Meeting Room Infrastructure with HCLTech and Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms to boost Workplace Productivity and Save Costs

Heterogeneous, historically grown collaboration environments are costly and difficult to manage and lead to poor user experiences

With HCLTech TeamsWork Premium customers can implement

  • Smart meeting rooms that enable high-quality collaboration experiences between onsite and remote workers, with AI-based speaker tracking, spatial sound, far-field microphones and seamless collaboration with Surface hub
  • A stable, integrated collaboration platform, based on Microsoft Teams, that reduces interoperability issues and management complexity inherent in heterogeneous meeting environments
  • A meeting room environment that is always ready and functional, thanks to HCLTech proactive meeting room services
  • Predictable, scalable operations based on HCLTech’s proven Rendezvous Framework with advanced monitoring and automation capabilities

Format: 1 day workshop, delivered remotely Agenda items (customizable):

  1. Customer situation and objectives
  • Customer context and business objectives
  • Current mode of operation and intended target state
  • Customer organization and persona
  • Current and expected challenges and constraints
  1. HCLTech Offerings and capabilities
  • Teams Meeting Rooms – Art of the Possible
  • The HCLTech TeamsWork Premium Offering and unique frameworks and tools
  • Lessons learned from Teams Meeting Room implementations
  1. Discussion and next steps

Target audience: IT leaders, Procurement Managers, Senior leaders

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