HCL Biz Apps - PowerConvert - 1 hour Briefing

HCL Technologies Limited.

Automating the transition from Sharepoint 2010 Workflows to Power Automate.

SharePoint 2010 workflows are being retired and customers are expected to replace them with PowerAutomate.

PowerConvert is a tool HCL built that mitigates the risk of solution failure whilst drastically reducing the overheads required to manually migrate SharePoint 2010 workflows to Power Automate by Automating this task.

Streamline your processes and operate from a fully supported & future proof solution, whilst unlocking the power of Power Platform. Leverage HCL to lead this work into a COE and legacy modernization conversation with Power Platform.


  • Our diagnostic tools report the exact number of SharePoint 2010 workflows and actions, as well as the last time that each workflow was ran.
  • We work with the business to rank and prioritise these workflows & their transition to Power Automate.
  • An estimated time and cost saving for the migration is provided to the business.
  • Each workflow is categorized and mapped to show the equivalent Power Automate flow.
  • PowerConvert automatically converts the SharePoint 2010 workflows to Power Automate.
  • Any exceptions are highlighted during the migration, enabling our consultants to focus on calibration and optimization of workflows where necessary.
  • The report documents the new Power Automate flows that have been created.
  • It also provides the business a migration success rate, with a summary of total time saved.
  • Finally, the report identifies exceptions, enabling our consultants to discuss advisable ‘next steps’ with the business.

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