DLP Implementation and Tuning Services


Reduce alert volume by 70% and achieve greater granularity in DLP alert to prioritise key risks.

RIGHT FIRST TIME! Infotechtion 'Data Security Framework' provides a DLP policy deployment and operational governance built on industry recommended practices and configurations refined over several implementation, providing 70% accuracy on high-risk alerts.

Not all security alerts are the same, most security teams spent much time dealing with the moving company culture, exponential growth in data, and an already complex security technology stack. Infotechtion managed services support organisations respond to the 4 key challenges:

  1. Protecting Data with a changing company culture, and business priorities.
  2. Automate discovery and classification of data at a time of exponential data growth.
  3. Defending your user identities, applications, platforms and data.
  4. Simplify the security technology stack, policies and enable analytics to focus on high-risk alerts.

Objective: A 'best of suite' solution configured on Microsoft Purview to quickly establish a security baseline to protect your organisations against external and internal data security risks.

Key Stages: The managed services onboarding includes 3 key stages to complete onboarding over 6 weeks: 1. Current State Assessment 2. Design and Implement Data Security Baseline 3. Tuning, and Knowledge Management

Current State Assessment: Duration: 2 weeks Approach: Automated assessment of existing policies against the Data security framework established by Infotechtion to benchmark the security settings against industry standards. The benchmark goes beyond the security settings with ability to measure effectiveness of current policies based on the alerts volume, action history and the security audit. The current state assessment recommends actionable improvements to be included to build on the current implementation.

Design and Implement Data Security Baseline Duration: 3 weeks Approach: Informed by the assessments, our experts will implement DLP policies for Teams, endpoint, applications and Office365. A critical success factor is the ability to automate detection to inform users through policy tips and block activities which are identified as 'high-risk' as per the security baseline. The scope also includes educating your security analysts with the implementation to establish a better operational governance of alerts management and insights.

Tuning, and Knowledge Management Duration: 1 week transition + Ongoing Approach: Transition to operations with a joined-up team of our data security analysts working together with the Client security team. Our expert will establish a process to triage alerts, integrated insights from customers SIEM solution, and leverage our extension to Purview reports built in Power BI to provide a single place for key insights and drive actions or improvements. As part of the tuning phase, we address following challenges commonly faced by cybersecurity teams across customers:

  1. What is the right balance between the number of DLP policies and high number of alerts?
  2. How can we reduce the alerts volume?
  3. How can we get sufficient granularity in alerts reporting to better prioritise and focus on high-risk alerts?
  4. Are there other Microsoft Data Security and Governance products or updates we can leverage to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our security operations?

Why Infotechtion? We provide comprehensive set of services and solutions across the data security discipline. We have helped and helping several customers in highly regulated industries to demonstrate compliance with regulations, new security directives (like NIS2) and help business protect their data and their customer's data. Our managed services approach can leverage Microsoft FastTrack for eligible customers and further accelerate the implementation of a data security baseline to let our customers quickly start protecting their data. We have solutions to problems which are commonly faced across all customers and problems which are unique to our customers. We achieve this by building reusable solutions, approaches and frameworks built upon our strong knowledge network.

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