Microsoft Security Solution Strategy - 3 Hour workshop


Learn the best way to operate Microsoft Purview Data Security Features and build a high-level adoption strategy.

Build a high-level data security strategy through a 3-hour workshop with Infotechtion experts. In this 3-hour workshop, our experts will identify key requirements or challenges clients face today in regard to scaling Microsoft security solutions. The workshop will be interactive, including live product demonstrations and practical tips which are derived from successful implementations with other customers.

Pre-Meeting: We provide a short questionnaire to gather client focus, current challenges and the key questions to which answers are required. The pre-meeting can be on email by submitting online questionnaire or a 30 min session with our expert to outline the agenda and list critical success factors.

3 Hour Workshop: A focused session tailored to your responses to our questionnaire and addresses stated Objectives and key results during the session. The session will also cover demonstrations of key features configured in a POC environment to address client questions. The Microsoft365 features covered in the workshop are:

  1. Microsoft Purview Data Security solutions which include: Microsoft Information Protection, Data loss prevention, Insider risk management, and Communication Compliance.
  2. Build a Data classification baseline with use of pattern matching, exact data match, AI classifiers to automatically classify your data where it lives
  3. Discover recommended practices for configuring Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Office apps and endpoint services to gain best experience for your target audience.

Outcome: The key outcome is an improved understanding of the best ways to operate Microsoft Purview data security features and use them effectively into your cybersecurity operations. The outcome also includes a high-level strategy template which includes key security settings, product configurations and implementation sequences required for a successful implementation and transition to operations.

Strategy Roadmap: The post workshop follow-up includes the outcome of workshops write-up into a short presentation, which captures the insights from the session, recommendations and key gaps (skills, technology, process) with recommended solutions. The report is then used by the customer to proceed with next steps, and where required request further deep-dive engagements.

Customer Qualification:

  1. A minimum of 500 licensed users with Microsoft 365 subscription
  2. Considering or already implementing Microsoft Purview security and compliance products

Why Infotechtion? We provide comprehensive set of services and solutions across the data security discipline. We have helped and helping several customers in highly regulated industries to demonstrate compliance with regulations, new security directives (like NIS2) and help business protect their data and their customer's data.

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