HPT_Microsoft Secure Score Assessment - 4 week

HPT Vietnam Corporation

Secure Score helps customers quickly figure out what actions they can take to improve your score. They can check their action queue and find the change they can make that most improves their security

The Microsoft 365 Assessment engagement will help customers evaluate their current security and compliance posture and create a roadmap to meet the organizational needs.

As part of the assessment, we will review how the company is using Microsoft 365, whether the application’s controls align with the company’s policies, and if the company is leveraging all of the application’s security features. Our assessment can help determine whether the company’s Microsoft 365 environment is configured to protect user identities, enable compliance oversight obligations, and identify data loss. Based on our findings, we will assist the company with developing a practical action plan to address key risks.

The Microsoft 365 4 weeks Security Assessment typically consists of a kick-off meeting followed by the 2-day on-site assessment. Following the assessment, we gather the data together and compile the results into and actionable report.

During the assessment, our security consultants will work with you to complete an assessment questionnaire to better understand your security posture as it relates to people, process and technology. The assessment agenda is: WEEK 1:

Kick-off meeting Provide pre-assessment questionnaire Provide instructions on how to export Office 365 Secure Score data WEEK 2/3: Customer to complete/return questionnaire Customer to export and send Secure Score data Analyze questionnaire and Secure Score data WEEK 4: On-site workshops covering: Security objectives and requirements Microsoft 365 security readiness Microsoft 365 security assessment Microsoft 365 security roadmap As the assessment delivery, we will present a recommendations and roadmap report based on Office 365 Secure Score results.

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