Power BI by Minsait


Bring Intelligence closer to Business and Extract value from Data

We use Power BI to bring intelligence in an understandable way to the business areas, from the development and visualization of business metrics and associated operations, placing the user at the center to deliver an experience to make these assets their main tools in their daily work.

We have a methodology based on incremental deliveries where value is added to the business from the outset, some key aspects:

  • We focus on the design phase through the delivery of a mock-up to ensure that the solution will meet business expectations. We avoid re-working if we do not develop until the mock-up is approved.
  • Training/presentation of the implemented product to key users to accompany data validation and subsequent dissemination to the rest of the users.

We provide success stories with the maximum exploitation of Power BI functionalities

  • Automatic distribution
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Export and Paginated Reports
  • R and Python Integration
  • Web Portals
  • Alert Management

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