Avan 365 Build power apps QS: 4-Wk Workshop

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Discover how you can grow your business through the power platform.

What is Avan 365 Quick Start Rapidly build apps

AVAN 365 Quick Start Rapidly build apps will assess the state of your organisation to determine a starting point and define what stage of digital maturity your organisation is at.


###Week 1: Initial workshop (together with the client). *Global vision of your organisation *Knowledge bases in Power Platform and Microsoft business solutions business solutions *Needs and process discovery *Prioritisation of a use case

###Week 2: Requirements gathering workshop (together with the client). *Definition of use case and agents involved *Definition of requirements

###Week 3: Requirements analysis and solution design *Analysis of requirements, assumptions and constraints *Solution design: architecture, components and integrations

###Week 4: Pilot construction

Outcomes & Deliverables

*You gain the knowledge of what Power Platform is and how it can be used to help grow your business *Familiarise yourself with best practices for using of Power Platform as a tool for the digitisation of your business processes *You get practical and tangible tangible vision of your own use case by means of a pilot or a proof of concept of a real application built with Power Apps *You will be in contact with a team of experts in Power Platform and productivity through the use of business solutions


*The price of the service is based on the scope of the project

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