Infosys RESPOND Framework for Sustainability

Infosys Limited

A framework that helps kickstart & track your Sustainability journey and showcase the “Metrics that Matter” to your stakeholders.

The RESPOND framework for Sustainability Engagements helps you with precisely that. It is a consulting framework developed by Infosys to empower clients like you to define your Sustainability journey and roadmap, track Sustainability and its associate parameters, automate to accelerate on sustainability initiatives. The framework also enables you to communicate more effectively with your stakeholders and maintain transparency on the value add to Environment, Economy, and Society at large. The framework is staggered across seven different phases. Like a structured manufacturing assembly line, each stage or phase receives its input from the previous stage and then transfers its output to the next stage.

  1. Recognize
  2. Elicitate
  3. Scale
  4. Prepare
  5. Orchestrate
  6. Navigate
  7. Deliver

Key Benefits: • End to End Structured Approach to Sustainability Engagement • Consulting approach to assist you in the journey to assess your sustainability maturity. • Access to Industry Standards & Best Practices, Thought Leadership • Reusable Consulting Resources & Templates, Experience based recommendations.

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