Managed Security for Compliance: 1 yr Mgd Service


Discover a turnkey solution to implement Microsoft 365 Security in your environment, achieve necessary compliance levels and continuously manage your security posture.

Insight's Managed Security for Compliance is a comprehensive service for streamlining client’s security operations through the management of clients existing Microsoft 365. This offering helps clients achieve necessary compliance levels with turnkey delivery of the entire Microsoft 365 Security solution, including implementation, update management, audit requirements and end-user security. In addition, this service includes regular reporting and policy reviews, as well as threat defense training designed to reinforce end-user security from Microsoft 365 Security with enhanced workforce education.

This solution is a managed service on a contract of 1-3 years.

Business outcomes: • Gain access to expert guidance for audit controls and reporting. • Manage end-user security training and phishing simulation campaigns with the help of a trusted partner. • Implement and continuously evaluate Microsoft 365 Security features in your environment. • Maintain and improve your security posture to meet your compliance needs.

What’s included with Managed Security for Compliance? • Operational support • Reporting • Biannual policy reviews • Threat analytics • Incident alerting • BrainStorm® Threat Defense phishing simulator • Audit control guidance and advocacy program for NIST 800, ISO 27001, CMMC and/or HITRUST

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