ReachMe Plus-Expo Lead Manager

Intelegain Technologies

The purpose of this offer is to provide with a mobile application that can help any business to ease the process of collecting contact info of prospects at events and conferences.

ReachME Plus - Expo Lead Manager

ReachME Plus is an expo lead manager that helps to scan contacts at expo and conferences. It essentially eliminates the need to carry visiting cards at events. It also helps to organize, manage, schedule reminders and make notes for each and every contact saved through the app.

Major features of the app.

  • ReachMe Plus provides you the best User Experience in organising your Contacts
  • Add contacts manually, scanning business cards and QR codes and store contact details on the app and the phone
  • Single interface to connect to your Contacts on Whatsapp, Email, SMS, Voice call
  • Schedule reminder for calls with a particular contact
  • Add primary and follow up notes about each contact
  • Digital Sharing of Contacts - Create your own QR code and share as digital business card with your contacts and ReachMe Plus users.
  • Export your contacts to Excel, take back ups etc.

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