Choose the Right Retail Solution: 1-Day Assessment

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Find out what kind of software your retail company needs with our comprehensive assessment.

Is your business looking into retail solutions but don’t know which one’s the right for you? During our exhaustive 1-day assessment our professionals will analyze your company’s needs and will provide you with an overview of what Dynamics 365 retail solution would be the right fit.

Having delivered Microsoft Dynamics projects to retail customers in 40+ countries, our team has attained considerable knowledge and experience in the sector. We are confident we will provide valuable and comprehensive feedback regardless of where you operate.


  • Understand business, processes and current systems
    • Your industry, scale, complexity, processes and current system, any pain points, and priorities.
  • A fit gap analysis
    • A fit gap analysis identifies which solution best fits your known requirements.
  • A brief demo on standard features (not customer related demo)

Once signed up we will send you an intake questionnaire that will help us understand your company needs and technology status. During the assessment we will determine your business capabilities that can be improved by Microsoft Dynamics 365 retail solutions.


Dynamics 365 Assessment report

As a result of this assessment, you should expect to receive a report including a list of defined required capabilities and the business benefits. Our Dynamics 365 retail experts will provide you with recommendations and best practices for retail. You will acquire an understanding of Dynamics 365 retail capabilities and how they could meet your current and future needs.

Schedule your free retail assessment with us:

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