Long Term Care Financials: 4-Hr Assessment

Intellitec Solutions LLC

Assessment to determine if Business Central is a fit for your Long Term Care Organization.

In this free 4-hour assessment, our team of Dynamics experts will work with your team to understand your current state and determine how Dynamics 365 for Financials can improve your critical back-office operations. We will show how you compare among the top reasons that cause organization to make a change in their ERP


  • Review your critical needs. We see 10 main reasons that Long Term Care (LTC) facilities implement a new ERP system. We will tell you how you compare to allow you to better gauge if you need to make a switch.
  • Feasibility of integration to EHR. Most LTC facilities want to integrate their financials to their clinical management package. We will let you know what it would entail for you to do this.
  • General Ledger assessment. The key to reporting is the structure of your chart of account. We will give you an assessment of yours, and let you know how we can help.

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