Getting Started with Power BI: 1-Day Assessment

Inviso Corporation

This offering is designed to provide you with a roadmap for adopting Microsoft Power BI in your organization.

Work with one of our experts to develop a plan for your organization to adopt Power BI reports.


During this assessment we will review the following:

  • Existing data sources
  • Security requirements
  • Licensing position
  • Current infrastructure
  • Organizational skills and structure
  • Existing reports suitability for migration to Power BI


At the conclusion of the assessment you will receive the following:

  • Roadmap for designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining your Power BI environment
  • Recommended next steps for preparing your organization for adopting Power BI
  • Estimate of time and effort needed to achieve your Power BI goals

The assessment can be done remotely but can be held onsite if preferred.


Free one-day assessment. There may be additional charges if travel outside of general Seattle area is involved.

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