Connected Worker Jumpstart: 4 Week Implementation


This offer is designed to enable firstline worker productivity through Connected Worker apps and solutions that surface securely in Microsoft 365 from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Value Proposition – Organizations are looking for a platform to Connect their Workforce. What must the solution address and how does Microsoft 365 solve the Organization’s needs for their Connected Worker? With this engagement an organization can size-to-suit their Connected Worker journey leveraging already prove, ready to use Microsoft 365 apps and solutions, along with how to customize the platform to empower their Connected Workers quickly and securely. Customer Benefits – 1) Learn the most common needs for a Connected Worker, 2) learn how Microsoft 365 provides a solution for the Connected Worker, 3) build and enable a series of Connected Worker use cases in a functional pilot, and 4) build the journey for the Connected Worker. Invoke Scope of Delivery – 1) Assess the readiness of your platform, 2) Envision what is possible and plan for Connected Worker applications and solutions, 3) Develop and document your Connected Worker use cases and business integrations, 4) Enable a proof-of-concept Connected Worker implementation, 5) Conduct evaluations and feedback sessions to improve and inform the Connect Worker journey, and 6) Provide business end-user interactive training sessions to experience the Connected Worker Proof-of-Concept solution. *Invoke-led Microsoft funding may be available upon request.

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